Sooo Memorable

Susanne   July 30, 2016   Comments Off on Sooo Memorable

Movies either get remembered or forgotten. There’s not much middle ground. Either there’s something about them that keeps you coming back, or they’re just a one time thing. The Mask had a lot of things that kept me coming back.

First were the actors. Jim Carrey would have been enough, but having Cameron Diaz make her breakout role in this movie helped too. Now I know that the acting here wasn’t meant to win awards. It was a very cheesy cartoonish movie. That was it’s charm. It wasn’t serious drama, but fun corny drama. You go into it expecting to have a good time, and you do. We all know what Jim Carrey does with his characters, and it’s exactly what he did here. He made Stanley Ipkiss likable and made the viewer feel sorry for him. He was a good guy down on his luck who had something extraordinary happen that was deserved. You always want something good to happen to him. Jim Carrey’s comedies are almost always memorable and this one was special because it had that extra comic book feel to it. Almost in the same vein as “Roger Rabbit”.

Now I know that the dialogue wasn’t written for deep thinkers, but it kept the laughs coming and produced some great quotes that have been used by people for probably way to long after the movie came out.


  • “Ssssssmokin!” was said by anyone and everyone about pretty much anything. I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t heard this in reference to something. I’m sure you’ve even used it a hand full of times. Maybe it was about a hot girl who walked by, some spicy wings, or just to fill a awkward silence to try and get a cheap laugh. Whatever it was, this is probably the most memorable and popular line from the movie.
  • “Somebody stop me!” is another popular one. Whenever I hear either of these catch phrases, I always picture Carrey with that mischievous look, drawing out the Sssss, and doing that typical head shake while saying the line. That whole delivery gets me every time, and everyone you know has tried to imitate it. Don’t deny it! haha

There are tons of other quotable moments, but these are obviously the most popular. If you’re looking for more, that’s what IMDB is for! I just wanted to remind you of the catch phrases of the ’90s. You can’t escape them, no matter how hard you try.