1994 – A Good Year

Susanne   July 29, 2016   Comments Off on 1994 – A Good Year

So I have had a lot of good years over my lifetime. I’d say more good than bad. It’s funny, the things that you remember that makes it a good year. Getting married, having kids, making new friends, having one of your favorite movies come out, laughing so hard you pee a little. . . .unfortunately that last one is true every once in a while. Having things that make me laugh in my life are extremely important to me. We would all be miserable lumps if we didn’t laugh. For me, 1994 was a good year because “The Mask” was released and became one of my favorite go to movies for a good laugh.

Jim CarreyThis was an important film for both leading roles, Jim Carrey as Stanley Ipkiss and Cameron Diaz as Tina Carlyle. Jim Carrey had built a reputation as a wacky comedic actor, but this movie helped cement him in as one of the top comedic leading men. He has a way of making special moments by add libbing and keeping scenes going. His crazy flexibility and cartoonish movements help give him such a slapstick appeal to whoever is watching. Sure, some people might think it’s ridiculous and over the top, but I love it! There’s no one else that can pull of what he does!


Cameron DiazThis was also a huge role for Cameron Diaz. It was her first first feature film. She made her big debut and pulled it off. She had the looks and some acting skills to go along with it. Apparently the directors were considering Anna Nicole Smith as the leading lady before they found Cameron. I think they made a good move there. Luckily for her, it sparked a long movie career. She ended up auditioning 12 times for the role and was cast last minute. Just one week before they started shooting, they told her that she had gotten the part.


The movie landed at #80 on the Top 200 USA Billboard in 1994. It wasn’t breaking any records, but I saw it twice in the theaters and bought it right when it came out on VHS in 1995. So they got their money’s worth out of me. It’s funny to think back to those VHS days. I bet the kids now have no idea what that even was. Oh yeah, I also bought it on DVD. So that happened.

It cost them around $18M to make the movie and they raked in about $119M in the USA and over $350M around the world, so I’d say that it was fairly profitable for Dark Horse Entertainment and New Line Cinema. The actors got a small chunk of that, but not nearly enough If I say so myself.

Anyway, 1994 was a good year for me. My favorite movie came out and it still makes me laugh to this day. My family leaves the room now every time I put it on and thy make fun of me because I still laugh so hard at the same jokes, but whatever. I’m glad it does.